The overall mission of WFC is to provide and promote good medical and health care to those living in The Greater Banjul Area. The Westfield Clinic shall seek at all times to be a safe and patient friendly health facility (backed by a good administrative and support services).


The four objectives of the Clinic are:

  1. To provide a social service to the community.
  2. To provide good quality care.
  3. To adhere to ethical and professional standards of practice .
  4. To provide continuing medical and nursing education so that the Clinic can provide patients with the highest quality of care.

We believe that the most important aspect of the health care that we provide is the quality of our nursing and medical services. The steps we have taken towards achieving this goal are:

  • We set professional standards for the staff who work in the clinic through an accreditation system, continuing professional education programmes and regular appraisals.
  • We use protocols to standardise the treatment we offer.
  • We have a sound documentation system.
  • We audit our cases.
  • Our laboratory has a quality assurance system in place.