The Westfield Clinic Charitable Trust (WFCT) is a charity set up in 2011 by the descendants of the previous owners of Westfield Clinic. The founders are Mensah Forster, Dupeh Palmer Ochieng, Ayo Palmer, Fumeke Sarr and Sheriff Tambadou. The Trust’s policy is to provide a high standard of health care to those who seek care.
The WFCT Board of Trustees serves a two-year term. The current Chairman of the Westfield Clinic Charitable Trust is Mr Sheriff Tambadou and the Secretary is Ms Rohey Salla. The other members are Mr Hatib Semega Janneh, Fumeke Sarr, Mr Kimani Cox, Mr Randolph Lloyd-King and Dr Kebba Marenah.
The Trust is funded by donations and through the income that it earns from the services it provides to the public